Monday, 4 May 2009

Long weekend

After potting and re-potting (behind my back!! and so many time that  I'm not sure the garlic will survive!) the garlic and onion.. we had a long week end.The 1st of may it was a bank holiday(worker's day) and we went to a friend's birthday party. 
My daughter enjoyed the "discovery" of climbing up and down the stairs (climbing up, touching the door, and climbing back down, about 20 times)
The sky was impressive, half covered by dark clouds, on the back side of the house, and sunny on the front, were there was the party (thank you sky, for not spoiling the party!)
,The sunset was incredibly gorgeous, and I couldn't keep my eyes off(and camera) from it!


  1. It is magical when babies and children find wonder in things we adults take for granted.

    Love the sunset photo. The sky is on fire. It reminds me of the intro to "The Neverending Story" film.

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  3. Ooh, hot weather in Spain ... lovely! Melbourne is getting colder and colder every day. I really have a use for those doorsnakes I blogged about!