Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Don't you just hate tangled threads? I can't stand it!
So, in an attempt to avoid them, I  sticked the last end of each thread with some painter's tape, because unless the trasparent one, doesn't leave "stickiness" around, especially in warm season.

This cabinet was very cheap and I was using it to store my craft material. Each drawer use to contain some of my small craft material: beads, thread, needles and pins, buttons, etc
Now, since Alba (my daughter) is walking, I had to turn it face on to the wall, or she would have loved to put her hand (and mouth) on all those colorful beads and buttons!
But since one day she sow me turning the drawer to get something...she start to do it herself (it is a quite lightweight cabinet). 

So, I had to take everything off and the only thing I left (not edible by its size) are the threads.
How can a 20 month old baby girl can resist to touch so much color?
(..if even her 36 year old mum cannot?)

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