Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My creative space:Before and after

I hate to throw away clothes, so I usually store them, waiting for inspiration. I also love the "Desigual" style of clothes, but I don't like the fact that you find so many people wearing the same exact item as you do!So I decided to create something for myself with their "style"! This is an example of it. Starting from an old(more then 10 years old) linen shirt, I create a completely different look !

I cut in two pieces the shirt, the waist it was too large for me, so I made some pleats to stretch it. Then I sew some fabric (recicled from another shirt) a belt line with a fabric starting from the front. Two pieces that meet on the back line and continue (I then decided not to cut it, but to make a bow... sometime inspiration comes suddenly! ;D)
..then I sewed the "below the wrist" old sleeves two different pieces of fabric, in each sleeve, so that I can turn it and it still look nice, or leave it as it is. (you can see the 2 version in the last picture)
I sewed the bottom piece of the shirt, pleating once again to get the new waist line..
And sewed some more decorating fabric to the bottom. (I wanted to alternate sleeve/bottom, but the shape of the flowers didn't look nice, in the other way around!)
..this is the back "bow"..(and linen before ironing...owful!)
And then I hand sewed with a cotton thread around the neck, wrist and bottom, along the fabric and changed the buttons.
And this is the finished new shirt (ironed!). I'm looking forward to make some more! It was really a pleasure to do it!
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