Thursday, 30 April 2009

My creative space

I've notice that I always have a lot of project and then I barely finish one of this week I just stick on finishing the necklace and potting those onion and garlic (see how many little root? I couldn't believe how fast they grow!).
..and..if...I have time...I finish:
- my daughter dress
-I'll make more undies
-another necklace

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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Period undies!

This is the pair of "period undies" I was supposed to sew quite long time ago..
I made it in plain white because it's the first one I actually made, and in case of failure I didn't want to waste nice fabric!
But if you are wondering why I call them "period" undies...let me show you in the next picture the reason:
The doubled ended gussett has the same length and width of an average mentrual pad, and in pink I outlined the doubled ends where I tucked the pad.
In this way, it doesn't move from it place and cannot be "eaten" by the cheeks!(I really hate when it happens, and it's not so nice to try to put it back in place!)  ;D

This is the design of the  item when it's weared, the back is quite low so if you lean, it doesn't show (I find that the only nice looking "peeking out" undies are the thongs)!
And as you can see from the top they don't look so "grannie" style...I've already used them and I can assure they are really comfy!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Lover's day in Catalunya

Here in Catalunya, a north-eastern region of Spain, the "lover's day" isn't the 14 of february, but the 23 of april, Saint George (sant jordi, in catalan). I should have written this post on thursday..but I wrote the "my creative space" instead..
He is the patron of the region, and it is tradition to give a present to the loved one, a red rose for women and a book for men.  
The center of Barcelona is filled up with books and writers who sign them and rose sellers, but I prefer to buy it days before, with no crowd around, especially now, with a small daughter..

Friday, 24 April 2009

Sun felt necklace

While I finished another "sun" necklace on a very very hot day... outside at the end of the street..
Started the very first fire of the year, and I really hope it will be the last! 

Thankfully it was a really hot but windless day (really rare, here is usually really windy) , so it was immediately extinguished.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My creative space

This thursday, I woke up with a migraine, so my breakfast was a paracetamol tablet (and I won't eat until I feel better otherwise I 'll throw it all up..) .
But as soon as I feel better, I plan to:
1)Make a new necklace
2)Finish an hairband
3)Finish a  vest for my daughter
4) Going to the park because today is an incredibly sunny day (althought I hate it to be so sunny when I have a migraine...) 
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Friday, 17 April 2009

Springtime everywhere!

The "bead tree" -which isn't  actually his real name, but with all those little round,  fruit? seeds? really looks like it covered himself during winter, with golden beads-  is sprouting new leaves. 

Meanwhile, in my onion bowl, I spotted one who doesn't want to be cooked!
I'm thinking about to plant it (in a pot, as I have no garden) , as I don't want to trow it away...or eventually I will plant it in a wild ground around my house...and go back for it in summer time...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

My creative space

This is my current creative space, after I finally finish the last necklace, I've started another one. 
I temporally parked the underwear and the moonbox in favour of those heavenly granola bars. Thanks to Verena I discovered how easy and cheap (and so expensive when you buy them in shops, and they are never so fresh and so good!).
The bar in the picture is the last one (split in two), soI'm going to make some more, this time I'll try to make half mixture  with orange peel and  chocolate and half coconut and white chocolate...yummyyy...
(and I better start to walk a lot if I want to burn all that calories!) 
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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Snow White felt necklace

Finally, after two weeks, I managed to finish this necklace... sometimes some other project catch my attention and I give them priority.
Anyway, one day, reading the Snow White tale to my daughter I got a "shape" inspiration. 
With my daughter crayons I made a quick design of the Witch  giving an apple to Snow White, and from there I shaped the necklace.

I love those moment of inspiration, it's like if a door opens up in my mind and I can enter in another world...

Friday, 10 April 2009

Moon in the box

Last week I started to make this paper mache moon and although my daughter seems to like it(poking her finger into it's eyes) I don't,  and I realize it's quite big, to close it in a even bigger box, (and because I don't have a lot of space), so I hung it up onto the wall..
..and made a small felt one instead.
This is just a "trial version", just to quickly translate my idea into felt and to see if it's working..later on I will make a better one...
As you can see, I sew (all by hand) a box, and on the inside I hung on transparent thread, a tridimensional moon and a flat star.
When you lift the top, the moon and star will slowly appear. 
But before that..we have to say some magic words (a simple phrase that can rhyme) call the moon!
I got this idea, in a place organized by the council, which is a sort of closed playground.
At the end of the day, all children sit in circle and the teacher sing some songs, and then to "say goodbye" they repeat the magic words that will make the moon appear so that children knows that it's time to go home.(They were using a paper mache in a box, that's why in a first place  I choose paper mache)

Because I still breastfeed my daughter (she get asleep in this way..), I'm thinking of a way to get her to sleep when I won't BF her anymore. I was thinking this "moon in the box"+ magic words and reading a book.
I still don't know if I will wait for her to decide when to stop or I will decide it by myself..(now she is 19 month and I wanted to carry on until 2 y. old). 
Anybody out there can tell me when they decide to stop BF?Was is because the child didn't want it anymore, and at which age?

As you can see I have to improve the base of the box, to get a "harder" look, by using some more layer of felt, and adding some stitched design on the outside of the box.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

My creative space..

As you can see, I couldn't (or wouldn't?) finish the necklace..I got hooked on the "moon in the box" and made it in a small felt version.(I will post it tomorrow)
So this week, I must  finish the necklace,  and then I will try to make a pair of undies. 
Just plain white, as it's the only elestic I found around, so if they will be ok, I will make them in different color. I need a special design I have in mind for those period days.. 
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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rainy days

Yesterday and today are rainy days, and lately on those "no park"  days I make cakes and ice cream, to keep my daughter busy doing something different . 
For the ice cream I simmer fruit (strawberries in this case) and sugar on a pan, then I mix it with greek yogurt (sweeter then the normal one, which is probably lighter, but I don't like the slightly acid taste.) and I reserve a little for my daughter.

You can see in the picture her hands trying to reach the glass. Like all toddlers I know, she is crazy about yogurt. If we want to eat one, we have to do it hidden in another room..if not she will end up eating 3 of them in a row.. 

When I make a cake, I get my daughter to help me to stir the ingredients, and then we like to go every ten minutes  in front of the oven glass to watch how it's raising.
I have memories as a very small child, of myself playing under the kitchen table and helping them to cook, while my mum  and my grandmother were making "tortellini" and "gnocchi fritti", some typical italian food from my region.
So I suppose that the "urge" I suddenly feel, to cook on rainy days, must be because of those nice memories, and my inconscious side of the brain wants to give her  the same  nice feeling.

I made a carrot cake following  Delia Smith's recipe but I have to say that I don't like the quark cheese on top.. so next time I'll make with the butter/sugar mixture, although that won't be really low-fat.. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Passion flower felt headband

A passion flower bloomed in my immagination garden! So I create it (a similar one) and turned it into a headband.
I love everything of this flower, the name, the colors, the taste of the fruit over ice cream! Aww!  

Friday, 3 April 2009

Chocolate aromatherapy


- A curious toddler
- A sewing mother unawere that her daughter can unscrew jars.
- A jar of chocolate powder

While the mother is busy sewing, let the toddler play with a jar of choc powder.
Avoid to look up at her, especially when she is so quiet. (when toddler are soo quiet, they are sleeping or up to something)
While the beautiful perfume start to make its way through the room, think it must be the chocolate cake you've just baked.
Carry on ignoring the silent daughter even when you can see with the corner of your eyes that she is moving her hands on the floor like she is drawing lines and circles.
Finally..when you discover it, after the first moment of unbelievebleness (of the fact that you didn't realize it before..) let her play, while you keep on smelling the air like a hunting dog.
When the daughter finally gets bored, and she tries to go to another room, avoid it and vacuum her clothes first..and then the floor.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

My creative space...

This is the necklace I 'm creating this week, and this is a little (tidy so far, will see later on..) space where I lay the current project. As well I'm planning to finish a papier mache "Moon in the box" for my daughter..  

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