Friday, 3 April 2009

Chocolate aromatherapy


- A curious toddler
- A sewing mother unawere that her daughter can unscrew jars.
- A jar of chocolate powder

While the mother is busy sewing, let the toddler play with a jar of choc powder.
Avoid to look up at her, especially when she is so quiet. (when toddler are soo quiet, they are sleeping or up to something)
While the beautiful perfume start to make its way through the room, think it must be the chocolate cake you've just baked.
Carry on ignoring the silent daughter even when you can see with the corner of your eyes that she is moving her hands on the floor like she is drawing lines and circles.
Finally..when you discover it, after the first moment of unbelievebleness (of the fact that you didn't realize it before..) let her play, while you keep on smelling the air like a hunting dog.
When the daughter finally gets bored, and she tries to go to another room, avoid it and vacuum her clothes first..and then the floor.


  1. OMG!!!
    well, can't help it, but it makes me laugh!

  2. Don't worry, I was laughing as well!I love to see her enjoying, even when it means I have to clean twice!

  3. That's too cute! At leas it wasn't something crazy like molasses...can you imagine?