Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Period undies!

This is the pair of "period undies" I was supposed to sew quite long time ago..
I made it in plain white because it's the first one I actually made, and in case of failure I didn't want to waste nice fabric!
But if you are wondering why I call them "period" undies...let me show you in the next picture the reason:
The doubled ended gussett has the same length and width of an average mentrual pad, and in pink I outlined the doubled ends where I tucked the pad.
In this way, it doesn't move from it place and cannot be "eaten" by the cheeks!(I really hate when it happens, and it's not so nice to try to put it back in place!)  ;D

This is the design of the  item when it's weared, the back is quite low so if you lean, it doesn't show (I find that the only nice looking "peeking out" undies are the thongs)!
And as you can see from the top they don't look so "grannie" style...I've already used them and I can assure they are really comfy!

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  1. Wow! Proper period indies that have been thought out. I go for the granny style these days, comfort all the way!