Thursday, 30 April 2009

My creative space

I've notice that I always have a lot of project and then I barely finish one of this week I just stick on finishing the necklace and potting those onion and garlic (see how many little root? I couldn't believe how fast they grow!).
..and..if...I have time...I finish:
- my daughter dress
-I'll make more undies
-another necklace

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  1. I used to grow things like this when I was little. I think seeing this picture makes me want to start up again :D

  2. I love your necklaces, they're so lovely :)

  3. Good luck with all the projects! I'm planting onions this weekend! I'm so ready for spring.

  4. Hope the onion planting goes well.

  5. I think we al ave unfinished proyects, and we all like to begin new ones! Lovely necklaces. Regards, Mabel.