Friday, 10 April 2009

Moon in the box

Last week I started to make this paper mache moon and although my daughter seems to like it(poking her finger into it's eyes) I don't,  and I realize it's quite big, to close it in a even bigger box, (and because I don't have a lot of space), so I hung it up onto the wall..
..and made a small felt one instead.
This is just a "trial version", just to quickly translate my idea into felt and to see if it's working..later on I will make a better one...
As you can see, I sew (all by hand) a box, and on the inside I hung on transparent thread, a tridimensional moon and a flat star.
When you lift the top, the moon and star will slowly appear. 
But before that..we have to say some magic words (a simple phrase that can rhyme) call the moon!
I got this idea, in a place organized by the council, which is a sort of closed playground.
At the end of the day, all children sit in circle and the teacher sing some songs, and then to "say goodbye" they repeat the magic words that will make the moon appear so that children knows that it's time to go home.(They were using a paper mache in a box, that's why in a first place  I choose paper mache)

Because I still breastfeed my daughter (she get asleep in this way..), I'm thinking of a way to get her to sleep when I won't BF her anymore. I was thinking this "moon in the box"+ magic words and reading a book.
I still don't know if I will wait for her to decide when to stop or I will decide it by myself..(now she is 19 month and I wanted to carry on until 2 y. old). 
Anybody out there can tell me when they decide to stop BF?Was is because the child didn't want it anymore, and at which age?

As you can see I have to improve the base of the box, to get a "harder" look, by using some more layer of felt, and adding some stitched design on the outside of the box.

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