Thursday, 21 May 2009

My creative space

Today's creative space is filled with:

- Another ("vintage"and plain white) t-shirt to customize. At first I followed the shape of the collar to  stitch some violet thread, then I put some green beads, but at the end I realize I prefer to have more color to play with, so I'm going to "unstitch" some of the green beads to add some turquoise  ... and then I will add some paisley shaped cut fabric, with more beads and stitching.... 

-I 'm hoping I will finally finish this necklace (I must have started to make it about one month ago...*bowing head in shame*)

- Long walks into the hot weather with friends and our toddlers ... to try to eliminate some of the (still there) after  pregnancy (21 month ago!!) fat who doesn't want to go away... 

Anyway...for more creative Kirsty!


  1. The tshirt is looking good.

  2. Yes - the shirt is looking good...

    And good luck on the long walks in the heat. I just had a baby, too. Curse the baby fat!!!!!!!!

  3. The little beads look fabulous.

    Hope you enjoy the sunshiney walk.

  4. The shirt looks so good, I do love the green and turquoise.

  5. Perfect little stitches as always :0

  6. I love the pink and green of the necklace together. No shame in the time it's taking, quality takes time!!!

  7. No guilt about the necklace, didn't you say you have a little one. It took me years to get much accomplished. The shirt is looking good (I like the turquoise/green combo).