Friday, 15 May 2009

Forget about bad weather..

So, yesterday afternoon the weather had a dejavù and it suddenly turned into a winter day. (mist, rain, cold air, gray sky), but thankfully in the morning I had an "illumination" and I bought those jelly stuff to stick on the (ahem, dirty) window.. and I gained 20 full mintutes of stitching with one eye...(one eye to watch the fabric, one eye to watch Alba, in case she would decide to taste them)..

And then among books reading, towers building, and  peek-a-boo playing, watching Pocoyo's vidoes, cake making is an must on rainy days..

We even pick up strawberries from one of my paintings!

...while we were waiting for this cake to be ready! (Almond and apricot tart) (Sorry about the bad picture..I was drooling and couldn't focuse properly!)

And the day quickly filled up...did I say it was a dull rainy day? Oh, I forgot about it ..


  1. Looks like a fun rainy day. Love the window decorations and the tart!! Those a favorite rainy day things to do here too :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me. ANd that tart.... mmmmmm!

  3. I love the strawberry and the painting. Oh - and the tart, I'm drooling, too. ;)