Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend in the park

Here in Catalunya mother's day was  sunday 3rd , I have no idea why, sort of like for  english people with left side know, just to be different..
The weather cast for the weekend was supposed to be rainy, but as usual it was the opposite...

So we headed for a walk and a run in this beautiful park (Alba after the birds, who were coming around to eat the breadcrumbs that people toss at them, and me after her)..
...observing ants and listening to the waterfall ipnotizing and relaxing sound..
...and admiring the little soft and fluffy ducklings, trying to fight the desire to pick up one to stroke and kiss..
Then she played in the sand with a 6 years old girl, who was there with her russian grandmother.
Suddenly we heard a horn playing (on football match day, whenever a team scores, men are making noise, with whatever they have around).
So the grandmother said "alarm, alarm"! in spanish, with a very worried expression, but her niece smiled and said it was ok.
So then she explained to me that in Russia whenever they were hearing a horn, they had to run for cover, because the attack was imminent. 
I felt very sad for this woman, but happy at the same time, as she is lucky to have the chance learn to transform a hated and feared noise into a happy one.

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