Thursday, 4 June 2009

My creative space

(There are 2 hidden heart somewhere! If you can't find them check here!)
This week creative space hosted by Kirsty is filled by:
-Sewing a phrase on a white t-shirt (left)
- Transforming a now small shirt of mine into a dress for my daughter (right) it is really easy..I just cut the sleeves and sew a sort of triangle, and along the rim I place a string of cotton, if not sewing this fabric it would be hell, because of the stretching
- Fighting ants. First they start to live in a pot in my terrace, then I start to see  few of them in the living room, searching for a nice spot to start a new home... but there's no way they are going to live there...  

These are the last dresses I made for my daughter (I always post the pict of the beginning and I notice that I forget to put the final..)
- The stripe dress, with a flower, to cover a little faded spot
- A "beach dress" very easy to make, just snipping out the sleeves (How slim was I? Sigh!)
- A pair of "save knees from falling  and grazing on little pebbled playground " trousers with 2 red little stars (those red tiny spots) from another old t-shirt


  1. Fabulous! Of course I cheated and clicked on the link immediately! ;) (Not so good at temptation!) The stripy dress is my absolute favourite! Ever thought of doing one for a big girl? :) K

  2. Oh we have ants too... Its a constant battle... grrrr. Love the dresses. Very cute!

  3. Great hearts & supercute little dress too.

  4. I see one heart, but admittedly I haven't looked too hard.

    Beautiful little dresses!

  5. I love how you have repurposed and rescued clothes!

  6. i love the print on that t-shirt of yours. i love that it gets another life. well done!

  7. Your refashioning is very inspiring.

  8. Raf, your blog is simply adoarable!! :-) And look how much your daughter has grown!! Oh my goodness.

  9. I love the stripey dress. so cute!