Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Blogger Award and The Wonderwall

Today checking Star of the East's beautiful blog I  found out that I received a Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you so much Estella!
The rules of the Kreativ Blogger Award state that I have to list seven things I love.
1)My family (cat included) and friends
2)Creativity (painting, sewing, thinking)
3)Curiosity and openmindness 
4)Nature and discovering beauty everywhere
5)Milk chocolate, ice cream and sushi
6)Sleeping (Probably before the birth of my daughter, when I could sleep, I would have written something else..)
7)All kind of music on the background, depending on the mood.

And now The Wonderwall...no, I'm not talking about the old Oasis song... 
But a way to save my books from the paws of my daughter..
We have some Ikeas shelves, but too many books..and because we are renting a flat, we are not going buy "nice fornitures" until we have our own house.. 
I mean.. I love that she loves "reading" books, but I don't like that she strips sometimes pages of them...or that  she chews the cover or try to toss it in the toilet...plus, some of them, for example the Madonna's book or  Milo Manara's series (I love the way he draws)  are not suitable for a child, especially because she always ask  the name of things she sees.

So, I start to cover the library with cardboard and tape, so she can draw on it (and hopefully not on the walls!!). (The drawings you see are mine, I made them to show her that she can draw on them).
Then I found on a magazine an advertising of a perfume, similar to a mirror, where the closer you get, the better you can see yourself,..my daughter love to "kiss herself" on it (and it's safer then a real mirror)...then I sticked on the cardboard some of her fave character and later on I will put some nice picture of animals..
I left some rows open, for her books, and the top shelves for me (although I cannot find time to read, lately.. sigh!).. and although I have to admit it doesn't look very "normal"...it was the only way I found to save books and walls and making my daughter happy! 


  1. Ahh, when your kids are little, your house will just naturally have creative contraptions like that. It's a given.

    Right now I have a huge foam matress in front of my tv so the one year old I take care of can't reach the buttons. One day I'll have a normal looking living room again (I hope!)

  2. What a fabulous idea! Encouraging creativity without wrecking your house - I like it! Thanks for this. :) K

  3. What a great idea! I love little ones creativity ... by the way, the pictures of your little girl and the cat is just great, she seems to be in an interesting conversation with her cat-pup ;)