Thursday, 24 September 2009

My creative space

In this week creative space, I enroled myself to an acupunture course (3 or 4 years!). I found it terribly interesting, and knowledge is always welcome!
I know some people who went to the very best hospitals for years, and after spending tons of money, got operations and take strong pills ... were always at the same point, because the doctors were just "excluding things".... then after 2 weeks of acupunture, no more pills and no more pain...!
And during small relaxing breaks, I'm going to paint. In order to keep the same border (and to keep it clean), instead of drawing a border along the design, I fold a "window" , with an A4 .
Here I draw the border I want and then I take it off, cut along the line and "dress it back".
And I'll keep using it until I change the size of the drawing or it get broken!

As usual,don't forgrt to check out more spaces at Kirsty's!


  1. Good luck with the acupuncture course!

  2. well done for starting to study something new. i love learning new things - i hope it all goes well for you

  3. Ooh! Acupuncture, I've always found that quite interesting. Best of luck!!