Thursday, 3 September 2009

My creative space

After a breakfast with minced fresh tomatoes and olive oil and salt, and a glass of chocolate soy milk(since I quit drinking cow milk or eating yogurts, I start to loose a lot of weight! :D
I suddenly got milk intollerance which it was causing me stomach and head aches!) ...
..this week creative space is (right now) filled with creating something with this sort of 3D felt "creatures"...very easy to make... and quite addictive!
More creativity at Kyrsty's blog!


  1. Yum! Sorry about the milk intolerance but yay for losing some weight.

  2. Very cute too! Your snack looks delicious :) K

  3. ooh, i'd love to see some of your 3D felt creatures - they sound great!

  4. Both the food and the felt look yummy :)

  5. oh i am just now getting to visit your space filled with yummy tummy soothing goodness!