Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My creative space

Sometimes when I'm studying, (actually, when I have to repeat to remember) and perhaps I'm a little tired, my eyes tend to wander around in search of something to "absolutely do it now",breaking the rithms of studying, as I have to start all over again..
So, I found that crocheting simple items like this necklace,(my first crochet necklace!) keeps my attention.
The crochet movement is repetitive and I don't need to "think or count"to do it, but keeps my attenction focused, so I can concentrate on what I'm studying without delays, and I can say that the punctuaction I've received on exams so far were very good, so that's working for me!
Thanks crochet!
I'm currently doing other two necklaces, but I still don't have any pictures...
..anyway..check out more creative spaces at Kootoyoo!

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