Sunday, 4 October 2009

Swimming pool bag

My daughter started to go to swimming pool classes and I needed a bag she could carry . I couldn't find a proper size in the shop: too big, too small, too edgy, too difficult to open, etc

So at home I found a cotton bag, (one of those that now replace the plastic bags in supermarket), cut the bottom and made two strips , so she could hung it on her shoulders..
I cutted an old plastic apron and I sewed it in the inside, so if she put something wet inside it won't drip.
At last I attached a owl and flower I made long time ago, so I could cover the printed name on the front.
And voilá!The bag is ready! It's very light and she could carry it around easily!
(Although it still look huge! I think I will make it smaller! You see... I couldn't do that with a bought one!.. )

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  1. I Love this bag - I have the same problems with my daughter swimming bag -. Thanks you for sharing this idea. Peta