Thursday, 27 August 2009

My creative space

During the last month I was one day sorting out my fabrics, when I realize I have a sort of "Diogenes syndrome"!
I mean, I have tons of fabrics, that years ago I decided to store, thinking: "I'm going to keep that, I'm sure I'll use it in future".. but then the poor fabric stash got forgotten and kept growing with every clothes I was discarding from my wardrobe...(I usually keep buttons and fabric).
I decided to do something with it..and I sew few flower brooches.

Now, I have to finish the back of the brooches in order to use them.
So, this is my weekly creative space!To read more creative spaces, check out Kyrsty's blog!


  1. Your stash busting flowers are fabulous.

  2. a blooming gentle spot filled with fabulous!

  3. What a wonderful and beautiful idea! I love them.