Thursday, 2 July 2009

Back to "usual" life

Last week I went back from a lovely time in Italy, visiting family and friends.. and now..back to normal life, but I needed another week to get back to the usual routine!How hard it is, after a holiday!

We went to visit Juliet house, in Verona, (yes, the Romeo's lover!), which is really beautiful and well conserved. (I imagined Juliet leaning on the terrace -quite high, by the way- with Romeo sending her a silent kiss..)

Verona is a lovely city, and fast to visit. Along some very old buildings, there is the Arena, standing up from ancient roman times, actually still used during summer time for opera concerts and tv musical shows.. and Piazza delle Erbe, with the frescoes still visible on the top of the medieval buildings..
..but my daughter preferred chasing birds and screaming delighted at them..

..and this geko was the new friend my cat made, waiting for us at home! I love the shape of her/his "hands"! Reminds me a picture I made few years ago!


  1. Lovely post + just gorgeous photos. Holiday spirit is soooo hard to get out of, isn't it? Good luck with the return to routine! Thanks for this. K

  2. Lookslike you had a lovely time in Italy! That geko is wonderful, I made a blogpost about them a short while ago :)